Study Substantiates Cognitive Effects of 5-Hour Energy

In response to the article posted on January 14, 2014 by BevNet:

BevNet Magazine NewsAt first I was questioning the placebo, since there are studies that starve the control group and give caffeine and/or sugar for the test group. In studies like that, it’s no wonder the control group crashes, see The Dark Side of Thylakoids and Other So-called Appetite Suppressants for example. But in this study, the randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled design gives credence to the results, even more so because they tested blood glucose levels and found NO significant difference. These are the details I look for as a scientist to poke holes in the results, but in this case, this study looks solid and without reproach. I especially like that Dr. Udani couldn’t comment on the “no crash claim”. Good scientists are careful about extrapolating their results.

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