Caffeine Authority’s Transformation

Energy Fiend has been a long trusted ally of mine. Their caffeine database has never let me down – anytime I needed to find the caffeine content of a beverage, supplement, food (or even gum), Energy Fiend’s got the information.
As a food technologist with a master’s degree in food biochemistry, I was pleasantly surprised to find such reliable information in such an easily accessible form – don’t you hate it when a great research paper costs $40 + to read? Oh, maybe that’s just me.
Now I am excited to share this announcement – Energy Fiend is now Caffeine Informer.



In this case, I embrace the change – and here’s why:

Goodbye EnergyFiend… Welcome to Caffeine Informer

“If you’ve been here before you may notice something different… our name has changed.

As the site has grown, the old name (EnergyFiend) just didn’t really fit. It was fun and quirky earlier on, but when someone asked if the site was about alternative energy sources, I knew something had to change.

Over the last year we have had a clear goal: To become the most authoritative and comprehensive source of consumer-focused caffeine information available.”

Read the rest here:



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