The Power of a Hug



A good hug makes you smile, but a great hug stays with you, like the warmth of a long hot shower. Not everyone is capable of giving a great hug, and not everyone is lucky enough to receive one. There are those who insist they’re not huggers, there are those who give the awkward sideways hug, those who can’t seem to get the arms right and choke the other person, and then there are those who give close tight hugs.

The most powerful hugs it seems are hugs of comfort. Whether it’s between a parent and child, between a couple or maybe just between best friends, in these hugs time slows. The arms of the one providing the comfort act almost like a shield and, for just that moment in time, optimism takes hold, inner strength builds and the stress of the situation just melts away.


Hugs of comfort are extremely powerful but hugs of adoration are equal in their ability to convey a hundred words without speaking. Hugs of adoration usually exceed hugs of comfort in their tightness and duration, and almost always eliminate the space between the two parties. Chest to chest, you can almost feel the other person’s heart beating. You can feel their warmth, smell their hair, and simply bask in the radiance of their presence.  While these hugs aren’t catalysts of optimism and strength like comfort hugs, adoration hugs often represent powerful opportunities and turning points. Face to face, you can look at someone the eye, say goodbye or give in to the passion of the moment.

Great hugs like these are more rare than one might think. When they do come along, embrace it – literally. Savor the hug for as long as it lasts. It’ll be over before you know it and all you’re left with is the memory, the warmth and hopefully a smile. That is the power of a hug.


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