Because 1st Base is SO Important

I’m sharing this because I feel it’s important to cast insecurity aside and seek advice when you need it. I’m not the only girl that would think twice about dating a bad kisser–that’s the unfortunate truth. The good news is learning how to kiss well is easier than overcoming an addiction to W.O.W. or an obsession with the Dodgers. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a kiss is worth at least half that. A kiss can say so much, whether it’s “I’ll miss you but this is goodbye” to “I’m so lucky you’re in my life” to “You are the hottest person in the room.” What you DON‘T want a kiss to say is “I’m not entirely sober” or “You make my mouth water. Whether a kiss says “I really, really like you” or “I’m not entirely sure I like you that much” is really up to you and your situation.

The important thing to note (ahem, aside from all the wonderful advice on the How To site above) is that you don’t have to be a natural. I believe that anyone can become a good kisser and that, like with everything else, it takes practice, patience, humility, a good sense of humor and open communication to go from mediocre to great. 

Don’t get picked off 1st base. You boys may disagree, and even some of you girls, but in my world, 1st base is the best. 
;D – Your GreenEyed Guide

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