15 Ways to Convince Your GF Baseball is the Best Sport

What do you do when your darling girlfriend (or boyfriend) doesn’t understand why you NEED to watch the baseball game? How do you convince them that this seemingly boring sport is truly the best sport of all? Try these arguments on them:

1.      When hockey players win the Stanley Cup and when football players win the Super Bowl, they get commemorative baseball hats.
2.      Even those who don’t enjoy baseball can’t deny they enjoy getting to “first base” on a first date.
3.      Also like dating, baseball is “a game of inches”.
4.      Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
5.      Watching baseball makes one better equipped to communicate because baseball metaphors permeate the English language – Examples:
·         Swinging for the fences
·         Striking out
·         Stepping up to the plate
·         Bringing the heat
·         Swinging at a fastball in the dirt
·         Hitting a homerun
·         Landing in foul territory
·         Getting caught in a pickle
·        Out of left field
·         Bringing in a closer
6.      The goal in baseball is to get home safe, and what woman doesn’t want that for her loved ones?
7.      No other sport has shaped the legal system like the Three Strikes Laws have shaped criminal justice.
8.      In many other sports, the constant moving around makes it hard for a new fan to keep track of the players, but in baseball the new fan can tell who the player is and what they do based on where they stand
9.      Attractive players are not hidden beneath excessive padding or helmets.
10.  Baseball is where the Kiss Cam got started.
11.  Anyone can refer to their success as a touchdown, goal or score, but baseball tops that with the term for the ultimate success: The Grand Slam.
12.  Baseball is the only sport that promotes physical activity from its fans: The 7th inning stretch.
13.  Baseball fans actually enjoy the game, not just the commercials.
14.  Baseball champions are not determined in one game, so the winning team’s victory cannot be waived by saying the other team had a bad night.
15.  When a baseball team is the best in the country, they become World Champions.

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